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Michigan’s changes to the emergency financial manager act – My Thoughts

Changes to PA72 See related article in the Detroit News I applaud the legislature for their actions to help cities and school districts to right their ships. The points that the opponents of these measure fail to understand or at … Continue reading

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Could the current Middle East turmoil be an affirmation of the Bush policies – My thoughts

One of the intended consequences of the War in Iraq was the establishment of a Democracy in the Middle East to hold up as a example of what life could be. While the Democracy and the democratic process in Iraq … Continue reading

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Damned if you do and damned if you don’t – My thoughts

It is getting very hard to understand exactly what the Democrats and President Obama want the American populus to do. Their “green” agenda is contradictory. On one hand they are pushing for the use of hybrids and electric vehicles in … Continue reading

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