Damned if you do and damned if you don’t – My thoughts

It is getting very hard to understand exactly what the Democrats and President Obama want the American populus to do. Their “green” agenda is contradictory.

On one hand they are pushing for the use of hybrids and electric vehicles in a pursuit to eliminate the internal combustion engine and the use of petroleum products. They are exacerbating this by driving the price of oil and gasoline up by the drilling moratoriums in the Gulf of Mexico and Anwar. The recent events in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East have the potential to exponentially increase the price of oil pushing any new car buyer further toward their “green” vehicle agenda.

On the other hand, the recent comments by the Environmental Protection Agency on the war against CO2 will cause a dramatic shift in the electric power generation in our country. Coal, our most abundant and cheapest source per MegaWatt, is out as a suitable fuel in the new agenda. Wind and solar are in, but lack the scale and reliability to deliver the capacity we need to meet today’s electricity demands. Also, billions of capital dollars will need to be spent to retool power generating facilities to change-over to more “green-friendly” fuels like natural gas. All of these costs will be past on to the electricity consumer doubling or tripling the electric rates.

Then comes your new eco-friendly, green friendly, electric car that you just were forced to purchase due to the sky-high price of gasoline. Charging these vehicles can double the electricity usage of a common household. With the CO2 agenda pushing electric rates up, how much will it actually cost to operate this “cost-saving’ vehicle. My guess is the hope is that since it is buried in your electric bill as opposed to dollars paid directly at the pump, the administration believes you will not notice.

I believe they are wrong. The American public is smarter than this. We need to tell the Administration to stop tinkering with the free market system and let the people choose what fuels they wish to use based on conventional market fundamentals, not regulatory manipulations of those fundamentals. Let us choose which vehicle type best meets out needs, if the electric car was a hit it would still be around from when it was first introduced…in 1891.

Picking winners and losers only leads to losers! The government has a long history of unintended consequences and we are seeing just another example unfold before our eyes.

My 2 cents.


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3 Responses to Damned if you do and damned if you don’t – My thoughts

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  2. salohcin says:

    You are aware that those electric cars consume more Petroleum in the manfacturing , than an internal combustion burns in a year ? Those Batteries will last about TWO YEARS !! Have you priced one and considered the replacement cost PLUS Inflation ? Have ya ? Huh ? Have Ya ? Not to mention the Petroleum used to generate the Electricity to R E C H A R G E every day ? Get Serious America USE YOUR BRAINS ?

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