Michigan’s changes to the emergency financial manager act – My Thoughts

Changes to PA72

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I applaud the legislature for their actions to help cities and school districts to right their ships.

The points that the opponents of these measure fail to understand or at least acknowledge, is this is a measure of last resort. If the duly elected officials are unwilling, unable or incapable of exercising their responsibilities in a fiscally prudent manner, then they need help. Just because a person is electable doesn’t necessarily make them helpful for the position they hold. We cannot have our cities, towns and schools failing because of the egos and sensitivities of a few who were not up to the job.

At the end of the day, the big picture is the health of our communities and the education of our children. In the real world, when someone is hired and they fail to do the job, they get fired. If a business begins to fail and is worth saving the shareholders will bring in a turn-around specialist. I see this as no different. The individuals who are failing to prudently exercise the judgement the voters elected them to exercise, should be removed, when and only when, they are putting their community in financial danger.

I agree that there is the potential that this power could be abused and that needs to be closely monitored. However, this tool is being developed to fix institutionalized abuses of power that have unequivocally failed to deliver financially responsible organizations that deliver the services that we are paying for through our taxes.

If these institutions are run responsibly, then this change in the legislature has no meaning to them, the only concern should be from those in power in failed cities, towns and school districts. Those managers and elected officials that have allowed their institutions to fail on their watch, should be concerned but more importantly should be thankful that their community will have a tool to get the problems fixed.

I believe in the great majority of the cases where PA72 would come into use, the individuals in charge are good people trying to do the right thing but lack the tools or the know how to get their problems fixed and they have escalated out of control.

PA72 is a tool to bring things back into control in these situations.

A big problem needs a big stick, responsibly wielded.

My 2 Cents

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    Large lover of this site, lots of your blogposts have definitely helped me out. Awaiting updates!

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