This is an earlier post fro 2011 that still is very pertinent today.


I would like to propose a new line of thinking in solving our debt crisis.  It is derived from living through several industry crisis.  The proposal is what I call the 0 10 10 plan.

Today, we have a baseline budgeting system that is using an 8% baseline.  What that means is next years budget starts 8% higher than the previous years before any new program increases or reductions.  Therefore, with this years budget at 3.729T according to Wikipedia that would mean the baseline for the 2012 budget would be 298B more or a total of 4.027T.  With the economy struggling to grow at 1 to 2% this is a path to the end of the United States and much of the world will go down with us.

This is absolutely unsustainable and irresponsible!

So my proposal starts with a zero baseline budgeting process.  There are no automatic…

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