Seems like some of these ideas are coming into vogue with the comments by Dr. Ben Carson and the Ryan budget proposal.


In my opinion, the major problem with the healthcare system is it is fundamentally backwards.  The concept of employers deciding what, if any, health coverage to provide their employees is just wrong.

I would propose the following 10 point solution (sorry it isn’t 2000+ pages long):

  1. Heathcare insurance is to be purchased by individuals and families.
  2. All health care expenses would be tax-free.
  3. Employers should be incentivized to contribute to their employees health insurance expense.  Employers should receive a generous tax break for doing this, such as a write-off for 2x their contributions
  4. Anyone can purchase any healthcare product, you cannot be turned down for any reason.  There is no concept of a pre-existing condition and you cannot be dropped except for non-payment.
  5. Insurance companies need to define products and price them according to the risk pool associated with that product.  These need to be national products to maximize the…

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